shannon elizabeth (bigred) wrote in glamour_essence,
shannon elizabeth

Name: Angelina/Lina
age/birthday: 21/3 May
Location: Savannah, GA... the Garden of Good and Evil, indeed

Five things that makes you who you are: style. thoughtfulness. grace. thank you notes. pearls.
Three of your favorite movies: Death Becomes Her, Waiting for Guffman, and The Devil Wears Prada
Three of your favorie bands (artists): Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer

What suggestions do you have for our community? Hmm... lots of fun games perhaps?

Say something nice about the Mods;;
drop_a_tear: I love your lips!
shishi_meru: Your eyes are enchanting...very Anne Hathaway.
watch_it_i_bite: Your hair is too cute!

PROMOTE in two places.SHOW THE LINKS!!
no promoting communities.please

+ 5 pictures of yourself
a 200x200 for Member's section.(if you don't know how to crop,just let us know which one you want to use)

I don't know which one to use...maybe the first one? You can pick if you'd like.
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